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meet the designer,

alicia fawn.

Like the freckles on my face, my interest in design and discovering a room’s potential started at a young age. As a little girl it began with bedrooms – cleaning and organizing here, rearranging and decorating there. Growing up in a family of nine meant never having a shortage of design test subjects. Now that I have my own family of five, I have found so much joy in designing the various homes where we have lived. As my eye for design has evolved, my desire for transforming spaces has continued to burn strong. 

What began as a hobby – helping friends and family and transforming my own house into a home – has developed into a full-time passion. I cannot wait to share in your journey as we refresh your home! My goal is for you to find yourself looking forward to going home and not wanting to leave, because I believe that’s how a home should feel.

“Alicia at a freckled fawn & co. is a miracle worker. Thinking about decorating my house has been a source of stress. But she just came in here and was able to transform it. I love how it has turned out so far! “

-Lyssa Z