All services must include an initial consultation between the client and designer to go over the projects details.
*Min 60 minutes. Any consultations that require more than 90 minutes will have an additional charge of $50/hour.


Room styling:

Partial or full room styling. This service can include (new or existing) furniture, decor, window treatments or rugs.

$2/sq. ft plus $40/hour product search fee 

Finish selection:

Designer helps with the selection of hardware, window treatments, light fixtures, cabinetry, shelving, flooring, paint, countertops, backsplashes or appliances.
*this does not include installation – these products would be installed or completed by other professionals and client would be expected to pay their service fee

$40/ hour product search 

Room design:

Designer will work with contractors on any project requests for new build design or structural changes. 
*client will be responsible to pay the external contractors fee for services

$2/sq. ft based on project size

*client may select more than one service for project, but will be charged per service individually

*any projects requiring electrical, heavy installation or structural changes will require an electrician or contractor

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