Meet the designer

A freckled fawn & co. is led by self-taught designer, Alicia Fawn Treasure. The name “a freckled fawn & co.” comes from a combination of the owners middle name, the year round freckles on her face and the hopes to share this company with her 3 daughters some day. Behind Alicia’s eye for design is husband, Quinn Treasure, who has complete confidence in her designs.

Even from a young age, Alicia has always had an interest in creating spaces that inspire. She grew up around parents and family that were always willing to put in the work for home renovations, which is where her confidence in attempting DIY sprouted from.

The self-taught designer has worked on a large variety of projects for herself, friends and clients and has shared many transformations on social media. With over 185,000 followers on Instagram, her work has become a great source of inspiration. Within the last couple of years Alicia has been featured by notable publications Martha Stewart & Apartment therapy.

In addition to being a busy business owner, wife & mother, Alicia is also a content creator & influencer on Instagram. The designer hopes to inspire others to see that beauty and function can co-exist.